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KPLC Security Solutions


With over 20 Years of experience in the security industry, KPLC Security Solutions tackles security issues with creative solutions supported by its great depth in infrastructure, diverse security expertise and experience, a well-trained guard force and a formidable management team.

Tried and tested security methods combined with new technology, continuous best practice development and applied systems ensure best results. 

Cost effectiveness is achieved by optimal use of manpower combined with modern electronic security measures and sound management methodologies.

We have an enthusiastic and experienced management team. Our team encourages fresh ideas

whilst focusing on the specific needs of clients and their unique risks. KPLC Security Solutions has vast security industry experience and diverse skills sets among-st its staff and management to render integrated and intelligent security solutions in diverse applications. Our track record of success across a broad spectrum of clients speaks for itself. The safety and security of clients’ personnel, assets, property and information is the focus of our business. We achieve this through a variety of tailor-made security solutions; based on our wide experience.


The right profile officer with the right attitude, knowledge and experience is the start to any successful KPLC and Customer relationship.


Focused and Site-specific training, which includes Public Relations, Assertiveness and Special Events. Training is not only restricted to formal classroom training. Once deployed,our officers receive on the Job Training as well as Job Observational Training to continuously instill positive behaviors. Officers’ knowledge of the SOP is tested on a monthly basis with anyone not achieving the required marks being retrained. The required one-hour per shift-cycle training further instills a culture of professionalism and personal improvement. The aim is to ensure that a consistent high level of competence is maintained throughout the lifespan of the agreement

Recruitment and Training are the two areas where most time is spent as it presents the greatest opportunity for success – we therefore dedicate a tremendous amount of resources towards this.


We strive to provide our officers with a management and support structure that will allow any issues to be resolved quickly and effectively. This pertains to any issues there may be in terms of leave, pay, uniform, etc. It also refers to the relationship between our officers and their supervisory structures and the team as a whole in relation to the clients.Positive work environments feed into positive officers, and positive officers drive a positive working environment.





We have Drakenstein and Bellville based offices which service clients in the whole Western Cape Region, such as, inter alia, the following:

  • Hugenote College (Wellington Properties) – 
  • Jongehuis Accommodation (CPUT Students) 
  • Trafalgar Property Management (Certain Properties)
  • Paarl Motors (Sandown Mercedes Benz Motor Group)
  • Consolidated Power Projects (Conco) (Certain Projects)
  • Cape Storage (Western Cape based Storage Facilities)
  • Steeledale (Aveng Group) Paarl / Parow
  • Pleasant  Homes – Paarl  –  
  • Build it –  Wellington
  • Stefanutti  Stocks Civils –  Kzn –  
  • Nine Oaks Country Restaurant –  Paarl  
  • Affirmative Brand Consulting 4 U – ABC4U (National) 
  • Inenzo Water – Wellington Plant 

to name a few clients we serve in your area.


    • CUSTOMER FOCUS:  Understanding Client needs, meeting Client requirements and exceeding Client expectations
    • LEADERSHIP:  Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction
    • SYSTEMS APPROACH TO MANAGEMENT:  Identifying, understanding and managing of procedures
    • INVOLVEMENT OF PEOPLE:  Developing and fully utilizing the abilities of people
    • CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT:  Making improvementsa permanent objective
    • PROCESS APPROACH:  Managing resources as a process and achieving desired result

Our Value Added Services that are available only on request, include assistance in the following critical areas:

Comprehensive Risk Assessments with Recommendations.

Emergency and Armed Response Services.

Contingency Planning and drafting of Emergency Procedures.

Forensic Theft and Accident Investigation service.

Overseeing and Advising on all Safety and Security related procedures or equipment (eg: Fire extinguishers), on Client’s behalf.

Provision of written Risk Control policies.


The following key aspects form the basis of our Security Solutions Service:

  • Officers are punctual and neatly attired in full Corporate uniform and Company issue weather proof garments.
  • On-site continuity training is provided every ten weeks.  This training not only includes basic aspects such as Access Control and Patrolling, but also all details impacting on the Officers’ job descriptions.  These include Public Relations, Communication and Dealing with Conflict Situations.
  • Expertise and adviceincluding aspects such as real-time world-wide Best Practice Procedures are afforded our Clients.
  • Immediate action and prompt feedback are integral parts of our service.

Empowerment & Accreditation

KPLC Security Solutions is rated as a level 1 B-BBEE contributor.

 We are PSIRA Registered as Kolosus Protect Loss Control Services (Pty) Ltd.  T/A

KPLC Security Solutions. – ( PSIRA: 2623223 )

Our Address for HQ is: Unit 5

Malan & Smit Arcade

Wellington, 7655

Western Cape, South Africa


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